Platform "Christians and Muslims" | Plattform "Christen und Muslime"

Initiative and association in the realm of civil society

The Platform “Christians and Muslims” was initiated by Muslim and Christian religious educators, school principals, scholars and journalists experienced in dialogue. The initiative was originally lead jointly by journalist Paul Schulmeister, the “Katholische Aktion” and the Islamic Faith Community.

Having already been active in the field of civil society for eight years, the Platform “Christians and Muslims” was transformed into a non-profit association. It is in solidarity with those who acknowledge Austria, its laws and values. It aims at fostering encounter, communication and a culture of mutual respect. It rejects any form of racism and is committed to promoting equal rights and obligations for all. The platform engages intensively in interreligious dialogues and is conscious of the responsibility of all before God and men.

Target Groups
In particular Muslims and Christians. However, all Austrians are invited to join the association as well as the events.


  • To promote encounter and exchange
  • To support equal rights and living conditions for all social groups
  • To foster and promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians within a caring society
  • To actively oppose all forms of racism
  • To further develop interreligious dialogue


  • Austrian society as caring society
  • dialogue and cooperation between Muslims and Christians
  • grass-roots level work

The Platform “Christians and Muslims” was founded in 2006 for an unlimited period of time. In 2014, it was transformed into a non-profit association.

The Platform organizes events, including panel discussions and lectures in line with the initiative´s objectives as well as day trips and other activities where Christians, Muslims and others interested can meet. In addition, advisory support is offered to groups, other initiatives and institutions. The Platform provides contacts to Christian and Muslim speakers and prepares letters of opinion responding p. e. to current political rulings or societal events.

Form of Organization
Since 2014, the Platform “Christen und Muslime“ is a non-profit and independent association. The board of directors consists of six members, a balanced ratio of both religions is observed.

The association is funded through membership fees and donations.

Advisory and active support for other groups, initiatives and institutions by members of the board.

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